Monday, August 1, 2011

Sharing the day

I was so excited to post the 4th photos that I got ahead of myself... so here are some of the June photos I forgot to post.

Every few years my birthday lands on Father's Day and I have to share my birthday.  I am a firm believer in celebrating birthday week... one day is just not enough.  So, we did a lot of celebrating and sharing in the celebrations.

One night Matt brought these cupcakes home for me.  I HEART cupcakes... I am not sure why but I think a cupcake is so much better than cake.

We had a family party to celebrate my Birthday, my Dad's Birthday and Father's day!!!
Bella and Avery made art for me on my patio
I love this shoot of Bella
And a pretty cute one of Avery too
Here is my nephew Ty jumping on the tramp... check out that hair!
cute cousins
Ty loved climbing the slope... without shoes too
Courtney hanging by the pool

the whole family had fun splashing around in the pool... and Matt enjoyed tossing the kids around

Mom and Dad (Anderson) sent me some pretty sunflowers 
So here I am on the 33rd Birthday with all my kids

I spent a day a Glen Ivy with my Mom and girlfriends (it has become a tradition) and when I got home form my most relaxing day my family surprised me with dinner and my favorite treat.... is anything better than chocolate and strawberries!?

Overall is was a pretty fun week... and we celebrated Matt too with breakfast in bed, a cajun cook book and a cajun dinner made by me ;)

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  1. I love these photos of you with the kids. They are GREAT.