Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Carli

Carli turned 7 this year.... and here is a little peek into her Birthday week!

We had a Birthday dinner at Nammy's house.  Carli picked tacos.  My kids love Nammy's tacos she makes them with BBQ sauce and it is so good.  Carli wanted to decorate her own cake and as you can see she is very creative.

She had to protect her candles from Bryce... he always wants to blow out the candles.
Then we had a swim party for Carli and her friends.

And we went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.  They brought her flan for desert and she was not too pleased so Grandpa took her out to the fun zone and let her pick out a sweet treat.  Then she got to spend the rest of the week at the beach house in Newport... and when we got home we had a special FHE,  The birthday FHE is a time for each family member to hold the birthday candle and say one thing they love about the birthday girl (or boy).  Yep, I think she had a great time celebrating her birthday.  And next year she is 8 and will be baptized... I cannot believe she is growing up so fast.

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  1. What a fun birthday idea for FHE. That is a neat tradition!