Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last day of Summer

It was a beautiful and hot day.... perfect to wish summer a farewell.

We splashed
and enjoyed the water at Soak City
We had season passes here and Bryce would just go up and down these 2 slides over and over all day long while the big kids hit the big slides

then we rushed back to Temecula to watch the bishop eat 9 scoops of ice cream for the 9 weeks of summer scripture reading the primary did
the kids got 8 toppings because we read for 8 weeks of summer
then we headed down to the pool to meet up with some friends for a night swim

Bryce learned to swim this summer and he is a very good swimmer.  He can jump in and swim to the side all on his own and he does race across the shallow end of the pool with Chase.
Good Bye summer

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