Sunday, May 15, 2011

I heart Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day... all of it!  The breakfast in bed, homemade gifts, talks about Mom's, token chocolate from the ward, yummy dinner, no  dishes, being waited on... yep it is one of my favorite days! Thanks to my husband and wonderful kids who make it such a special day for me.
Bryce made this at preschool for me.  His favorite color is green (he is a little obsessed with it) but it works out well for me cuz it is my fav color too.

One of my favorite things is all the homemade cards and gifts from the kids.

First Veggies of the Garden

Flag Football

This was Jeremiah's first season of flag football.  He was on the Crimson Tide.  Jeremiah was number 18 and he played mostly as middle line backer and wide receiver.  He had a great team and they made it to the playoffs.  The won 2 of the 3 playoff games!  It was exciting to watch the games (even if we were freezing most the time).
Bryce and some of the other little brothers had their own little football game on the sidelines.

Carli's Spring Show

Carli's 1st grade put on a Spring Show all about weather.... her class sang about stormy weather.  Crash, boom, bang....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Party

Grandma and Grandpa Robbins joined us at the park for a little of this and a lot of that....
there was a lot of kite flying....

a little skateboarding....
a lot of hunting for eggs

and a little roller skating....

Happy Bday G robbins

We had a chance to celebrate Grandma Robbins Birthday with her.  I am so glad we got to spend the day with her.  She insisted on baking her own cake but I hope she still felt spoiled and loved on her special day.

Easter Morning

Waiting for the ok to head downstairs...
The EB left some baskets!
Big eggs filled with CANDY from G&G

CHALK for Bryce his favorite thing to do .... draw wars in the backyard

YA!  I FOUND an egg!!!
Lots of eggs....
and more eggs...
pinwheels for the garden make happy kids ;)

Yep, a good Easter Morning.... then off to church