Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach House 2011

We headed down to the Beach house in Newport Beach the last week of July.  It is always a great time of family fun.

Jeremiah 9, Carli 7 and Bryce 3  these 3 have had a beachy summer
Carlis gets her Aunt Jayne
Carli was really brave this year.  She took on the big waves!
It is so nice to have Dad off work for a week so he can join us at the beach
Jeremiah had a few of these during the week...
Sully tackles the waves with a little coaching from Bryce....

Bryce shows Sully how it works... these two played so cute together.

Jeremiah with his Calamari at the Crab Shack
Matt teaches the kids to suck the crawfish head... yuck
We made woofems and smores 

these two worked tirelessly on this 2000 piece puzzle... they finished with one missing piece that Bryce hide.

We rode the beach cruisers done to the pier 

I love this photo of Grandpa and Bryce on the boardwalk

Pizza night at the fun zone

I think Bryce enjoyed his ride... not so sure about Carli

I think we are almost to the point where we won't have any kids at the carousel age... kinda sad to think of.
This is what Carli looks forward to all year

And it may become Bryce's new favorite beach house outing
He also found a new love for skee ball
Matt was the champ at hoops this year.
Jeremiah took home some winnings 

Bryce loved fishing
Carli didn't catch anything this year...
actually Jeremiah was the only one to bring home some fish
All and all a fun time!

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  1. Considering we almost didn't take it and were rushed as can be, that's a pretty good family photo.