Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bell has Rung

Summer is officially over and the kids are back in school.  It is sad to see summer go.  We really tried to enjoy every last drop of summer....

Jeremiah starts 5th grade this year.  It will be his last year of elementary school.... I remember his first day of kinder like it was yesterday.  I cannot believe this is the final chapter in his elementary years.  It should be a good one.  He has a nice teacher and one of his best friends in his class.
I think Carli will miss Jeremiah next year when he moves on...
Like the new bags????
How about the cool shoes????
LOVE this one!!!!

My second grader.... she is growing up too.  Carli loves school and her teachers always love her.  I am sure Mrs. Jones is going to enjoy having Carli in her class this year.  I know Carli is going to enjoy herself.  She was lucky enough to have 3 church friends in her class this year: Calie, Emma and Emily!  Watch out world!
Here is Carli in her new class.... Jeremiah wouldn't let me follow him to class this year.  I did go take a peek in the window on my way out.... he didn't see me ;)
Following with tradition we went for ice cream to celebrate!


  1. What cute pics, Heather. They are really growing up!


  2. This probably won't work, but I just had to try because I love this pictures so much and want to tell you so badly. Darn! The tears are falling and I am just so frustrated that I can't seem to post. I will try something new to see if IT will work. I was going to have Sue look at the way I try to access your blog and to see why I cannot seem to post but we just had so little time to even visit with anyone in our family at the wedding. I'm so sorry all of you weren't able to come on Thursday afternoon the way we did so that you could get more acquainted with Stacy's family. They are all so neat and we had lots of time to visit with them and hardly any with our own family. Darn! Anyway, I loved these pics. Actually, I love every single one of them that you take!