Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Knotts Berry Farm

We have taken the kids to most of the So Cal amusement parks at one time or another but had yet to visit Knotts.  The kids are on Spring Break so we thought we would hit it up.  It ended up being the perfect day to go.  There were no crowds or lines.  We rode everything in the park and even hit up a few rides more then once.  Bryce loved the log ride!  It was one of my favorite rides of the day too because it was one the whole family could ride together.  We talked Jeremiah into riding all the big coasters and I think he really enjoyed it.  His fav of the day was boomerang.  Carli was just a few inches shy of being able to ride the big coasters.... we did manage to sneak her on Big Foot Rapids and that was her favorite ride.

Jeremiah suffered through riding the merry go round for Bryce.

I love the next sequence of Bryce and his many faces....

Bryce is my only kid who has ever like characters  and he was really into Snoopy!

Bryce was able to ride a few rides by himself at camp snoopy.  He was really proud of it.

Look close at Bryce and Calri in this photo they were so cute with their hands up and screaming... it was a crack up.  It was a great day for the family.  Filled with lots of laughs.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are on the move

Bryce went on his first field trip this week.  His class went to the kids museum here in Temecula.  It is a great little museum with lots of hands on stuff for the kids to do.  We have gone there before as a family and Bryce loved it.  His favorite is the glow in the dark maze.  This time was different.  I am still not sure why but the whole time he just wanted to go home.  He finally broke down and started crying I couldn't get him to stop so we had to leave early.  I am not sure what got into him....maybe he was just hungry.
On the way home we stopped to eat at Goldilocks which is now his favorite restaurant.  It is  Philippine food.  Bryce has a love for ethnic food.  His favorite restaurant use to be Pho Tho and  now it is Goldilocks anytime we drive by either place he begs to stop and eat there.

We had a busy weekend!  We left late friday night to stay at the Blakes in Oak Park.  The next morning I had a race in with my freind Nataly.  I finished the 10k in 1hr 3 min and 19 sec... pretty good for a slow girl like me.  then we went back to the Blakes to clean up before we got back on the road.   We headed to OC for Bella's 2nd Birthday.  We are finally home again and expecting company this afternoon.  We have Grandma and Grandpa Robbins coming for dinner! It has been a great way to kick off Spring Break... yep that's right it is Spring Break for the next 2 weeks and we have some fun days planned!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ice cream, Leperchauns, and carnivals....

Saturday afternoon calls for a stop at the ice cream shop

Bryce has been really into making castles with his Lego's... they have to be color coordinated 

We have been spending a lot of time at the football field

Lucky the Leprechaun came to visit us... he left a pot of gold and Lucky Charms.  That night we had corn beef and cabbage with green rice crispy treats for dessert.

This Saturday we had fun at the schools annual carnival.  The kids got their faces painted and enjoyed the booths.  That sums up our week... how was yours?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is on its way...

Flag Football

Jeremiah missed opening night for the season this year he was sick.  Last Friday was his first game.  He was still recovering from his cough and ended up not playing very many minutes but I think he enjoyed the time he had with his team.  Hopefully, next week he will be fully recovered and able to play.

Friday Night Lights
Popcorn makes enduring the cold weather a little easier.

GO Crimson Tide!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Today Bryce said, "our car needs wings so we can fly to Grandma's house."  It would be cool if we could just stop in and visit.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carli's Spring Photos

Yesterday, I visited Carli's class to take some Spring Photos of the kids.  I love her class this year.  She has made some really good friends.  The kids are so cute and funny I love going to help out in the class once a week.  They are lucky too, because they have 2 amazing teachers.