Friday, October 14, 2011


While this is a pretty snapshot I took with my iphone at the end of a shoot... I long for the beautiful images. As I look through my blog I see snapshots quickly taken on my iphone.  Making sure not to miss those milestones.  I have been so busy helping others capture their memories my own are lacking.  I have been shooting about 6-8 families a week and by the end of the week the last thing I want to do is pull out all my heavy equipment and then go through more editing.  I guess it goes back to the old saying about the shoemakers kids having no shoes....

Jeremiah gets an award

Both Ian and Jeremiah got awards this week at Friday Flag!

Mrs. McDougal is very proud of Jeremiah for his cooperation and she thinks he is an excellent writer.

Weekend Warriors

Conference Bingo

Saturday conference with friends and treats

Sunday conference crepes aka grandma's Swedish pancakes

Our tent to listen to the prophet like the people of King Benjamen did

Matt took on his family tradition

Snacks to eat when you hear the word... keeps you awake :)

Just a few of the activities we did to make conference weekend fun and memorable.

A little Bryce update

He LOVES preschool!  I think he would like to go everyday.  He always ask, "is this night-night preschool?"  This is a photo of PJ day... they have fun different themes everyday!

When he is not at preschool we play with dough, read books, color and build army guys... he also loves angry birds.

His SUnday school teacher always makes fun take home items... these 2 hats are some Bryce's favorites


The moon has been so cool lately.... perfect for this time of year

We have made our home spooktacular and Bryce is thrilled it is his FAVORITE time of year!

We went to get a Halloween treat on Oct 1st to celebrate the month of his favorite holiday!

When these 3 clowns are quite you know something is going on....

Carli, Cali and Emma all in the same 2nd grade class this year, all live on the same block and all in the same class at church... as they like to call it BFF

The in between time

With soccer season in full swing we have spent a lot of afternoons at the park.

The clouds looked so cool this day I had to get a photo of it... not exactly the look I was going for  but using an iphone it is about as good as I could get it.

Carli has become a pro at the monkey bars

A little R & R in Tahoe

So, Matt and I made a quick trip to Tahoe for Uncle Rich's wedding.  It was a beautiful weekend and very nice to just hang with the adults.  Nammy stayed home with the kids.  I traveled light so I only had my iphone but was still able to get a few pretty shots.