Monday, February 28, 2011

Swimming even when it is cold

We had the coldest weekend of the year and the kids went swimming!  Ok, so we did go to Palm Springs where it was a little warmer.  We went to hang with the family at Grandma & Grandpa Robbin's house.

Aunt Jayne braved the cold with the kids.
Jeremiah spent most of his time tossing the football around,but, that is how he spends most of his time lately.

We had to enjoy some of the oranges off the tree from the backyard.
I had to play with my iphone apps on the drive.  Kinda of fun ;)


  1. It was so fun to have you and I love the pictures you posted of the kids (even A.J.) in the pool. They are sll so darling,but I have to say that Bryce is the most photogenic child I have ever seen. I have yet to see a picture of him that isn't just so realistic. He ought to be a model. Ha ha!