Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentines Day Celebrations

I made heart shaped waffles
for breakfast.... I had good plans for the day but it turned out to be one of those days.  After breakfast Carli was running a high fever and had to go back to bed and miss her sock hop at school.  Jeremiah was fine and he was kind enough to take her box to school for her.  I had a UTI and had to drag Bryce and a sick Carli to the Dr. office.  We didn't get home until it was time to get Jeremiah from school and by that time everyone was exhausted. 
I made Cupcakes for my sunday school class and the kids of course.
Carli and Bryce created Valentine boxes.  Jeremiah informed me he is too old now and just wanted to take a bag to school.  It is sad to see them grow up and give up on some of the fun stuff.
Watch out or cupid will get you in his cross fires ;)
For FHE we told each other all the things we love about one another.  It was fun to hear the kids answers.  Bryce even understood the concept and he told Jeremiah he loves that he helps him and plays with him, he told Carli he loves that she plays GYM with him and he told Matt he loves that he closes his door (that is what we do when he won't stay in his bed at night)  Matt and I had a good laugh at that one.  It was a loving day and ended on a good note.  Matt made steak for us and we had a nice candle light dinner after the kids were in bed.

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