Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cars, bugs and boys....

Jeremiah was so excited to race his pine wood derby car.

The kids made these fun cars and enjoyed eating them

Jeremiah is the brown car he took second
The kids found a lizard in are backyard

Bryce painted this photo and said, "this is a bother and sister at war."

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  1. It does look like Bryce's brother and sister painting are at war. I get such a kick out of that guy. He does say the funiest things. I hope you are putting those things he says in a journal or somewhere as it is so easy to forget.

    It really looks like they had a blast with the racing of the cars. And the edible cars were really great! You are so creative, Heather.

    I especially loved the lizard pictures. I'm sure you have heard the story of our pet lizard, Timicky. Even I loved that lizard!! He lived in our house and slept in the shower at night.

    I've just heard that Bryce is really sick!! Darn it, I hope he will be well enough to come. Our weather man in predicting RAIN and the temperature will only get to 60 degrees. I was so hoping we would really have warm warm weather. We will still heat the pool and hope. Everyone was looking for nice sunny Palm Desert weather. Jayne will be so disappointed too and I hate the thought of Nikki having to drive herself here in the rain with her bad neck and shoulder. Dick said we should all pray for nice weather. A selfish prayer, maybe, but I am taking him up on it. Hope that little guy gets better quickly! And don't you get sick!!