Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday Week at the Anderson's

Around here we make Birthdays a week long event... and last week we had 2 to celebrate!
We started by taking treats to the classes.  Bryce put the sprinkles on the cupcakes!  Jeremiah brought in pop tarts... they don't let you bring in homemade treats at his school. 

Then we had our Birthday FHE were we light the birthday candle and when it,s your turn to hold the candle you get to tell the birthday boy why you love them so much!

Ya, the cupcakes were a little messy... but I think the kids enjoyed it ;)

We started a new tradition this year!  I waited til the kids were asleep and then filled their rooms with balloons of their favorite color.  I put 10 balloons in Jeremiah's room because he was turning ten.

I brought Jeremiah In N Out for lunch on his birthday.  Then made his favorite dinner that night (tacos) and we went to Starbucks for his favorite treat (chocolate chip drink)

That night he opened his family presents and Grandma and Grandpa has  given him an iPod touch!!!  He was over the moon about that one ;)

Then of course there is the party!  We had about 15 boys over for a late night to celebrate Jeremiah's birthday.  We played a few games but mostly they just ran around like crazy kids.

We opened gifts...

and had cake too

Jeremiah had to protect his candles/wishes from those ready to blow then out before he could

I hope his wish came true

Then it was on to the Pirate Party!  ARRG MAYTES! 

We had eye patches, hooks and telescopes for every pirate that walked the plank!

We had a treasure hunt!

Did some pirate arts and crafts!

Made our best pirate faces!

Carli read the clues to the hidden treasure!

and read the cards to Bryce

We had some cake

and broke open a piñata (we had to do it in the garage cuz it was raining)

Bryce got an iPod touch from Grandma and Grandpa too

And he found balloons in his room on the morning of his birthday

We had a special birthday breakfast

and that night we had a the one more celebration... a birthday dinner!


  1. That birthday balloons in the room idea is cool! Nice way to wake up.

    Looks like the parties were lots of fun.


  2. very cute pictures of the boys birthdays. wish i was there. also love that you make all their birthday cakes!

  3. Heather - you are such a cute mom with all of your birthday fun. I love Bryce's facial expressions. And the older Jeremiah gets -- the more he looks like you. Sorry Matt. :)