Friday, October 14, 2011

A little Bryce update

He LOVES preschool!  I think he would like to go everyday.  He always ask, "is this night-night preschool?"  This is a photo of PJ day... they have fun different themes everyday!

When he is not at preschool we play with dough, read books, color and build army guys... he also loves angry birds.

His SUnday school teacher always makes fun take home items... these 2 hats are some Bryce's favorites


  1. I guess he's officially gotten to the fake smile age!


  2. I know how much he loves preschool. He was not too happy when he couldn't go. It's a good thing he likes it so much. He will be happier when he actually does start school. I'm glad he has such a good teacher, but sorry you have to spend so much time there too.