Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Strawberry Picking

It was to be a cold day at the beach so we gathered friends to meet us at the strawberry patch instead.

We found lots of big red juicy berries just right for picking

I think they may have sampled a few

Carli made sure she filled her bucket till it was overfollowing

The plants were almost as big as Bryce
He took his job of picking very seriously 
and found just the right berries
Carli was all smiles as she worked her way through the patch... she loves to put her all into every task

Bryce didn't get very many berries in his bucket... I think he ate most of them
but Carli made sure she got plenty in hers
arg matey I have found treasure!

enjoying the fruits of his labor
it turned out to be a good day even if we had to miss the beach

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