Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July 2011 Anderson Style

We took a 4 day camping trip to the beach with the kids for the 4th of July.  It is the longest we have camped with the kids and I was a little worried but it all turned out great!  We had so much fun with our friends (the Laurtzin Family) and family (my Mom and Stan).

There was a lot of of stuffing our faces!
Each night we roasted marshmallows and one night we made woofems.

We took a hike in the morning before heading to the beach.
The campground had pretty hiking trails.
The kids had fun exploring and even found a snake egg.

Then we would head down to play in the water.

the boys had fun skipping stones

Brayden and Jeremiah have been buddies for a long time.  And even though they didn't see a lot of each other this year they had no problem picking up where they left off.
Carli looked for rocks, shells and sand crabs
Bryce is a little sand crab

Jeremiah perfecting the art of stone skipping

We tried to talk Jeremiah into surfing... not happening

Whitney and Carli have been friends from the diaper days and these girls know how to make each other giggle
On the Fourth we had to leave camp early to stake out a spot on the beach

This was the surfing the kids did

Hailey and Bryce were so cute.  She had him wrapped around her finger... she kept telling him to go get her buckets of water.  Which he would do with huge buckets he could barley carry and he would proudly set the large bucket of water in front of her and then she would proceed to dump it on herself and ask him to do it again... this went on for some time.  It was really funny to watch.

Carli went out in the big waves to boogie board and even though she was a little nervous she did great!
Tehn it was Bryce's turn on the board.   He fell off the first wave and got right out... but I took him out later that day and he rode a lot of waves in and stayed on the board.

Jeremiah found the true love of boogie boarding this time!!!!  I am so happy he is starting to enjoy the beach as much as I do.

Matt and I both got a chance to take the surfboard out... he didn't quite get up but almost:)  And of course no one got photos of me....

There was a lot of snacking on the beach

Carli is teaching the art of sand crab hunting to Hailey and Bryce

I saw this tower the 1st day we went down to the beach and I just knew I had to get 4th of July photos on it... of course on the 4th we were far away form it so the kids and Anne Marie and I took a walk down the beach....

It was a beautiful day full of family fun!

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  1. Wow! That looks like the best trip ever!!