Thursday, May 5, 2011



  1. Boy, those strawberries are growing fast! Very cool.


  2. I am so impressed. The pictures of Easter were so great, Heather, and I am so glad to have a picture of Dick and me together. We don't usually get that because Dick is usually the photographer whenever we take pictures. He absolutely hates taking them and we forget (maybe he does it on purpose)about half the time whenever we go anyplace. We should just hire you to take a really flattering pic of us to send with our Christmas letter this year. We always mean to get one taken and then never do. I love seeing all the pictures of the kids and I especially love the one of Matt smiling with Carli's and Bryce's back to the camera. I would love to have that one on my wall because I don't have a really good one of Jeremiah. The ones I do have are okay, but they are usually posed and he makes such weird faces that don't really flatter him as much. I have some cute ones of him when he was younger, but not a real recent one. The one of him in that darling hat that we have on the top of out enterainment center is the best one I have ever seen of him. I love it so much and look at it every single day. I need to go through all of your pictures you have on line one of these times and I'm sure I will be able to find one. He is such a darned good looking kid and he just isn't as reaxed in front of the camera (at least it doesn't appear to me that he is) as Bryce. Carli is pretty relaxed too, but honestly, every single picture I have seen of Bryce is so natural looking. He is the most photogenic kid I think I've ever seen. He ought to be a model. Ha ha. Anyway, thanks so much for posting these pictures. Also liked the ones of the gardens Matt planted. I wish I could get Dick to do that. He hates gardening of any kind and I just don't care for it much either, because I am so allergic that if I even try to dig in the dirt, I break out in awful itchy rash. Oh well, I'll have to be satified with Dick's comment. "By the time you buy all the stuff and keep all the critters from getting to them, it is just easier to buy them from the grocery store." True, but they don't taste as good, with the exception of tomatoes. Costco's tomatoes are so much better than any we have ever tried to grow.

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, Heather. I hope you don't have to do a darned thing all day. Between you and me, you should just refuse to, if they expect you to do one that wishful thinking?

    Love you lots,