Sunday, May 15, 2011

I heart Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day... all of it!  The breakfast in bed, homemade gifts, talks about Mom's, token chocolate from the ward, yummy dinner, no  dishes, being waited on... yep it is one of my favorite days! Thanks to my husband and wonderful kids who make it such a special day for me.
Bryce made this at preschool for me.  His favorite color is green (he is a little obsessed with it) but it works out well for me cuz it is my fav color too.

One of my favorite things is all the homemade cards and gifts from the kids.


  1. I'm glad they always make your Mother's Day special. As you know, I love that day, too!


  2. I'm so glad you had such a special day, Heather. I can remember those days when my kids were small. They used to get so excited about my special day. I am so glad you are taking such neat pictures because when you get to be my age, those pictures and going to be so precious to you and you will love looking back on some of these special days.

    We are really looking forward to having you guys come. Our weather is finally going to get warm again. It's too bad all the guys couldn't have been here last week. It was so nice, we had the windows open and no air conditioning on. It figures though, that it would warm up just the time Sue is going to be here.