Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beach Babes that Bake

So for Spring Break I am trying to keep the kids busy....

We made homemade doughnuts

Then we made sandcastles 

Mud Pies

and lots of holes

a day at the beach with the brothers and friends

to play jump the waves with

and tackle the tide

yep a little making and baking to enjoy our day


  1. Looks like you guys are having all kinds of fun!


  2. I'll bet it was none too warm at at the beach, but also I'll bet the kids didn't give a darn. It's amazing to me how they can be almost blue and yet never complain. We used to take our kids to the beach on cold days too when they were young and they loved it every time.

  3. Those doughnuts looked yummy. You are getting to be such an adventurous baker, Heather. Pretty soon, if you keep on like this, you will be putting your old Grandma Robbins to shame.