Saturday, April 9, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End

The last few days of Spring Break were cold and wet.  We were suppose to stay at the Beach but at the last minute had to change our plans.  We ended up in Palm Springs... it was a little warmer.

Before we headed to Palm Springs we went with the Adventure Group to the Wild Animal Park.

Bryce had birds on his head and all over him.  He wasn't scared, like I thought he would be.  He LOVED it!

Carli enjoyed feeding the animals.

Then we were off to Palm Springs.....

were we swam in the heated pools

and went on safari in the living desert were Carli was our tour guide 

the kids crawled in eggs...

checked out animals

brushed the goats

sat on a cheetah

held a butterfly

yep Jeremiah and Carli were lucky enough to have a butterfly land on their finger

played in Gecko Gulch

after a long day at the living desert we visited G and G Robbins .  They prepared an excellent dinner and homemade pies!  We loved the pies!  Then it was time to make our way home... we stopped at the outlets and had Mexican for lunch and some cherry on top for dessert.  We made the best of a cloudy weekend.  And that is the end of Spring Break... we go back to reality on Monday.


  1. Glad you had so much fun! I'm so sorry we weren't able to meet up with you. We will just have to plan another day.

  2. What a crazy weekend. I am so glad you made it over here, but sad that it was so darned windy. I don't think it has ever blown so hard in all the years we've lived here. I am so aftaid that one of these days, the neighbors palm tree is going to blow down on our house. Every time the wind blows hard, I start worrying. It's a good thing it doesn't blow that hard often. We are both eager to have you all return when the weather is better. It is finally starting to warm up a bit. We are still hoping Matt will be able to come with you and learn how to make the Danish Pastry. Grandpa is a very good teacher. Just ask Kristin.