Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland

                                        We had 2 trees this year.  One that Carli and I did "the girl tree" and another...
for the boys 

We made lots of ginger bread houses... the first was a gift from our elf, Bernard.  He left fun activities for us to do each day.

Then Bryce mad a train at preschool.

and Jeremiah made another house at school.

We celebrated Christmas with my Mom and her side of the family.  Andrew smoked ribs for us, yummy!

Nammy got Bryce a new bike....


He gave Carli a ride.

We went to Riverside to visit friends and make sugar cookies.

Our final stop was Nor Cal to visit Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.  We went on a hike to castle rock.

Bryce brought along a sword for protection.

Then he found a stick to protect us with... he can find a gun in any situation!

More gingerbread houses...

Christmas eve PJs!

The anticipation.... waiting for Uncles to get out of bed...

And Christmas morning!

We had a wonderful December with family and friends.


  1. These are great photos, Heather. Thanks!


  2. Beautiful photography! It was fun to see how you celebrated the holidays.